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Wired Alarm System Service Contracts

Security Systems Installed by Us

Current renewal cost for an annual service and guarantee is just £50.00 per year.

All the wired security alarm systems we install come with a 12 month guarantee to cover all parts and labour, including back up batteries. Towards the end of the initial guarantee period all our clients are contacted with the offer of extending the guarantee by a further 12 months under the same terms as the initial guarantee i.e. all parts, labour and back up batteries are covered. This can carry on as long as the client requires, we are still servicing and guaranteeing systems that we fitted over 30 years ago!

When we visit the property to carry out the service we check batteries, fuses, charge circuits, circuit loop resistance, current draw etc to ensure everything is as it should be. Then the system is walk tested to confirm all detectors are working correctly and the internal and external sounders are tested. Any faults that are found during the visit are usually fixed there and then if time allows, however some larger jobs may have to be booked for another visit.

After we have finished the service we issue a written guarantee and a copy of the service record by post. A security system that is looked after and has a regular service will give many years service with little or no trouble as many issues can be picked up on the service visit before they become a problem and begin to cause false alarms. Why not Contact us now to arrange your service visit?

Existing Security Systems Installed by Us or Another Company

We offer all the above for any existing wired security alarm system fitted by us or another company regardless of age. However any parts that we find needing replacement during the initial service visit are chargeable. An estimate of the cost will be provided before any work is carried out. Once the security alarm system is on a service contract following the initial visit all parts and labour are then included as per above.

Current cost of the wired security system service and guarantee for existing installations or expired contracts on our own security alarm systems is just £50.00 per year plus any parts required.

NOTE : All our service contracts can be passed on free of charge to the new owners if the property is sold before the expiry date of the contract.

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