accenta wired alarm system

Wired Alarm Systems

Fortress Security Services have been installing, maintaining and repairing wired security alarm systems for over 30 years. We still install and extend wired up systems but these days the modern wireless systems are usually the better option.

Carrying out a wired installation usually requires the lifting of carpets and floorboards and moving of furniture. Once the installation is complete and everything is put back in place there are no batteries to worry about changing.

Fitting movement detectors in the corner of a room in a bungalow with loft access, it is easy to hide the wiring. Fitting shock detectors to a window or door frame however is a lot harder. Sometimes the cable just cannot be hidden without being buried in the plaster.

Hybrid Burglar Alarm Systems

It is possible to have a hybrid security alarm system which has both wired detectors and wireless detectors. A wireless unit can also be added to any existing wired alarm system to add extra detectors but without the upheaval of a fully wired system.

The biggest drawback today with a wired alarm system is that many of the manufacturers of wired alarm systems are discontinuing production. They are only making the wireless systems. Spare parts will become obsolete very quickly so better to have a system that will be supported in the long term. The wired security system market is now dominated by the mid range security systems. These cost more than the wireless equivalents. A wired system is unable to be controlled via a mobile phone app. If that is important to you, again a modern wireless security system is the way to go.

Having said all that if you require a wired security system then we are more than happy to give you a free no obligation estimate and advice on the best products to suit your requirements. Please contact us if you require any further information or advice.

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A typical wired alarm starter system to include all the below....

accenta wired alarm system

Wired Alarm System Service Contracts

We offer a market leading service contract that includes all parts and labour for 12 months at a very reasonable cost.