Veritas 8 Alarm system

Wired Security Systems from £500.00

A Typical Starter Wired Alarm System

Here is a typical wired alarm system that is suitable for most starter alarms. The system can be extended with additional detectors. Passive infra red detectors, Dual Tec detectors, contacts and vibration detectors can be added.

  • 8 Zone Digital control panel with on board keypad
  • Battery back up in the event of a power outage
  • Low profile external sounder unit with battery back up
  • 1 x Magnetic door contact to the main entry door
  • 2 x Passive infra red movement detectors
  • (or 2 x vibration detectors in place of PIRs)
  • Internal panel mounted sounder

All the above supplied and fitted in your home for just £500.00

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